Custom Built & Pre-Configured Workstations on Rent:

Do you want a workstation on rent with an entry-level configuration for basic 3D designing? Are you in need of an advanced workstation with a powerful configuration for high-quality video rendering, medical imaging, or for running high-end designing applications? Quantum Ball designed a wide range of pre-configured workstations with the standard specifications that are ideal for various purposes. We also provide customized workstations on rent with your choice of hardware parts.

Powerful Graphical Processing Power:

Need a professional-grade workstation that is designed and built for graphic-intensive applications and simulation workloads? Accelerate heavy graphical workflows, design animated images and render any video with the high-performance graphics workstations that we are offering on rent with enterprise-level graphic cards from Nvidia and AMD. We do have ISV certified workstations that offer excellent performance and helps you in creating complex models with various designing, engineering and architectural applications.

Fixed & Reasonable Rental Rate:

Why should you consider buying a new workstation for your short term project when you are having an option take Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other brand’s workstations on rent? Renting is the best option rather than buying as you get the opportunity to utilize the workstation by paying the lowest rental rate instead of investing a wholesome amount for purchasing the workstation. Whatever might be the brand of the workstation, the price that we charge initially remains fixed for the whole duration, and it changes only when you upgrade the configuration.

Upgrade Configuration at Any Duration:

If you receive more projects or want to work on multiple high-end applications in the near future, you’ll need to upgrade the existing configuration to handle heavy workloads. Whether you want to individually upgrade either storage space, memory capacity, processors, GPUs, or all of them, we add a nominal price to the existing rental bill, and the price depends on the configuration to which you are looking to upgrade.

Instant Delivery Anywhere

No matter whether you are situated in a top city or a remote region , we put maximum efforts to deliver the server as quickly as possible. As we have a wide number of workstations in stock that are tested and ready to dispatch, we can fulfill the instant requirements of our customers.