Fire wall 1

Now everyone can have there own firewall. UTM Firewall on Rent Solutions United Threat Management Firewall Solutions.The ultimate advantage of rental plans is that the firewall is never purchased in a single, substantial amount.The UTM firewall does not become your property, it is not kept in the company’s books, and you can use it for a low monthly fee as long as it is required (with the contractual minimum period). For example, if you plan to use a UTM firewall for 1 year, you do not have to purchase it – you can use it for a fixed monthly fee and then return the device or upgrade to a newer firewall. While renting a UTM firewall, you can buy the product with on a discounted price.


  • Firewalls are provided by leading professional vendor
  • Firewall performance designed to handle wire-speed throughput
  • VPN performance designed to handle wire-speed or concurrent user load
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam filtering
  • Content filtering
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Firewalls are configured and deployed by Quantum Ball Remotely.
  • Firewalls are provided under a rental arrangement, providing for simple upgrade paths and ensuring single provider support for end-to-end network solutions
  • Pro-active monitoring of firewalls is available
  • Access to the Quantum Ball Web Portal provides router and network status, performance reports, alerts and other SNMP information
  • Quantum Ball can provide full on-site installation and maintenance of all MFS supplied equipment
  • Replacement hardware is provided upon identification of equipment failure by the Quantum Ball Helpdesk
  • All firewalls are supported by Quantum Ball, with 24 x 7 support available


  • IPSec and SSL VPN capabilities.
  • Zero licenses or costs to add more users or VPN tunnels.
  • Web-content filters, blacklists and whitelists.
  • Enhanced Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) alerts for viral/malware listed websites attempted downloads.
  • Evercookie, Zeus, Conficker, etc protection and alerts.
  • IDS protection for attempted break-ins, botnets, unauthorisedfile sharing/leaks.
  • PortscannerProtection and Alerts.
  • Confidence that your security solution will keep you safe.
  • Rental contract is signed for 1,2 or 3 Year Based.
  • The devices remains under warranty with Bundle UTM Solution for the entire rental period.
  • Customer Does not need expertise in firewall configuration & Management.
  • Firewalls are provided by leading Manufacturer ‘Fortinet’
  • Firewalls are implement & Deployed by ‘Vegatech’ via Remotely